Konstantin Youdenko

Konstantin’s fascination with IT started in the late 80s with the first computer ZX Spectrum from Sinclair. Later on Konstantin has excelled at school and at master program at Technical University in Belarus due to genuine interest in a variety of subjects. After graduation he moved to the Netherlands where he enrolled in User-System Interaction postgraduate program at Technical University of Eindhoven, which included both technical and cognitive psychology disciplines and its application in usability. After acquiring his second master degree in Technological Design and having worked a few years in the world leading high-tech company ASML, he stepped over to Web Design field in 2007. His software development and interaction design backgrounds were enriched with web design and web development experience ever since, and he is happy to offer all his knowledge and skills to sheerweb.com clients these days.

You can find Konstantin on Linkedin: www.linkedin.com/in/youdenko
And on his freelance services website: youdenko.com