Per Brahe

“Konstantin Youdenko is a pleasure to work with and a professional well-structured creator that entered into my powersilver business. His high professional skills in computer handling and his knowledge made it quick and easy to work with. Konstantines perfections was a huge release from all old worries and less skilled experiences and my business was up running just after 10 days of intensive creative process. There is no doubt at all. If any one ask me there is only one.”

Per Brahe - Copenhagen

Larissa Katayeva

“Konstantin is a very thorough guy, he will ask you all the necessary questions to understand your needs and wishes, and then he will painstakingly apply the best and the latest in website design and building, but only as appropriate for your requirements. He keeps up to date on the latest developments and he constantly develops his skills. If some of you, or your friends, need a website do check him out. “

Larissa Katayeva - Amsterdam

Gert-Jan Masurel

“In the almost two years I worked with Konstantin, I got to know him as a creative out of the box thinker, both in designing and in programming. Well informed and documented, and always there with a surprising solution.”

Gert-Jan Masurel - Amsterdam

Rene Keijer

“Konstantin is a creative mind with great design skills and I enjoyed working with him during my time at BCC.”

Rene Keijer - Amsterdam

Matthias Schwenteck

“Thanks Konstantin! Quick and precise service, great design and support in all question to get a new presentation done!”

Matthias Schwenteck - Berlin

Max Gorin

“Working with Konstantin was fun and very productive! He has an agile creative mind and broad knowledge in web design and development field.”

Max Gorin - Amsterdam

Diana van Lit

“Konstantin is een gedreven professional en een geweldige collega. Als Interactive Designer heeft hij bij diverse online salesconcepten gelanceerd en de website plus de persoonlijke pagina van onze klanten structureel verbeterd.”

Diana van Lit - Eindhoven

Jasper Aarts

“Konstantin excels in front-end design bringing the projects to life which is a great asset to any online team and he is a fun colleague to work with!”

Jasper Aarts - Eindhoven