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Are you a business owner, entrepreneur, or start-up trying to decide between a custom website or a WordPress site? It can be a tough decision with both having their pros and cons. 

In this article, we’ll discuss why we believe custom WordPress websites are the perfect solution for businesses that want a unique and professional-looking website with the flexibility and ease of use of a popular content management system like WordPress.

Custom Development

Crafting a website from scratch, custom web development offers a fully unique and personalized online presence. As opposed to using a pre-existing platform such as WordPress, custom website development calls for a mastery of coding and programming languages. We advise Custom web development only for complex functional requirements, such as multi-user platforms with advanced interactions.


WordPress, the world’s leading content management system with 34% of all websites on the internet powered by WordPress. It offers a vast selection of themes to bring various online ideas to reality, ranging from simple blogs to complex eCommerce, news, real estate, and hotel booking sites. WordPress offers a vast array of dynamic plugins. From boosting eCommerce with WooCommerce, to optimizing your search engine rankings with Yoast, to elevating your editing and design game with Elementor.

At Sheerweb, we believe that custom WordPress websites are the best option for your of business.

Here are just a few of the many benefits that make WordPress the ideal platform for your website

1. Customization and Unique Design

A custom WordPress website offers the ability to create a website that is entirely tailored to your specific needs and goals. With our favourite page builder plugin, Elementor, we can create cutting-edge designs that are entirely unique and unrecognisable as a WordPress site. The focus is on user experience, ensuring that your website is intuitive and user-friendly.

2. Functionality

A custom WordPress website includes the exact functionality you need, such as e-commerce, bookings, and blogs. WordPress offers vast amounts of useful plugins. You can add eCommerce capabilities with WooCommerce plugin, skyrocket your search engine rankings with Yoast, and transform your page with cutting-edge editing and design tools like Elementor. At Sheerweb, we only install  essential plugins for seamless integration and optimal site performance.

3. Independence from the Developer

One of the biggest advantages of using WordPress is independence from the developer. Custom websites can become outdated and very difficult to update without rebuilding the entire site. But with WordPress, you can easily find a replacement if you are not happy with the original developer.

4. Cost and Speed of Development

Another advantage of using WordPress and Elementor is the faster and cheaper development. With dozens of plugins, out-of-the-box widgets, and features, easy integrations with other services, such as email marketing platforms and social media networks. In contrast to custom website development, a custom WordPress website is faster to develop and less expensive. 

5. SEO

Despite popular belief, custom sites do not necessarily guarantee better SEO. In fact, there is no technical advantage between custom and WordPress sites. The key to strong SEO lies in quality content, and WordPress, as the originator of blogging, has proven to consistently deliver. Unlike custom sites, WordPress is user-friendly, making it easier for individuals to consistently update with fresh, high-quality content

Choosing between WordPress and Custom Development

At Sheerweb, we believe that custom WordPress sites offer the best of both worlds. While custom WordPress sites may be more expensive than using a pre-made WordPress theme, the return on investment is likely to be higher due to the site being tailored to your business’ specific needs, and being more customizable, scalable, and long-lasting in the long run. With the added benefits of a tailored website and the ease of adding valuable content, your website will be both unique and optimized for search engines. Our team can craft a bespoke design website featuring cutting-edge design while delivering an intuitive User Experience.


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